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Planning Your Next Move

September 20,2017 0 comments

A smooth relocation process IS possible, no matter what people say about the stress involved.  Moving is the perfect opportunity to start fresh, and it should be accompanied with feelings of pleasurable anticipation, and with dreams of unlimited new possibilities!

But “planning” is the key to ensure a transition that keeps stress at bay and does not interfere with your high hopes and excitement about an altogether new life! Your estate agent will attend to the complex documentation and offer countless other forms of support, but much of it will be up to you.

Use this useful list to help you maximise your moving efforts

  1. Begin early.  Give yourself a month or two and create your OWN countdown list of what you need to achieve week by week.  Stick strictly to time sheets.
  2. Book and inform your movers.  It is vital that your moving company understands your specific requirements, especially with any overweight items, like antique furniture or a piano.  Inform them about any access problems you have or aid you will require with disassembly or assembly of items. Take measurements in the new house and inform them of these, too.
  3. Minimalise! Dare yourself to discard! Get rid of the old for the sake of the new. Sort, donate or sell the things you no longer use!
  4. Establish a packing system. Acquire inventory sheets and tackle one area or room at a time. You will need a pen, black marker pens, scissors, packing materials like newspaper, bubble wrap, or old linen for breakables, as well as a packing tape dispenser and boxes. Keep in mind that smaller boxes are easier to carry, and begin to collect these early, every time you go out shopping. Instead of boxes, it is worth considering the use of reusable plastic bins which can be stored in closets until you’re ready to utilise them in your new home.  Also, you need to take your luggage with you, so why not use it as a container?  The same applies to dresser drawers as well. Lastly: clearly label everything!
  5. Create a record:  taking inventory of your household items is vital, in case something goes missing and the moving company is to blame.  Also assign each box (or crate, or bin) a number and write it on all four sides.  For your personal sake, it is wise to write the appropriate room or area on each box, too.
  6. Notify the necessary persons and service providers. Your electricity (or gas), your water, phone, Internet and dish provider must be informed of your change of address.  Make sure you understand how utility bills will be transferred over to you from a previous owner. Arrange to have your phone line, cable and Internet working. On a less personal note, here follows a useful list of other necessary notifications:
    • employer
    • bank, credit card and loyalty card providers
    • insurance
    • car registration
    • voter registration
    • library and other clubs or associations that require membership
    • doctor
    • veterinarian, if you have pets
    • schools and other relevant institutions
  1. Transfer medical records.  If your move means you will need to change your doctor or healthcare clinic, make sure you forward your medical records to the relevant person or place.
  2. Set up a mail redirection service for postage to be forwarded to your new address.  Remember to redirect magazine or other regular subscriptions.
  3. Ascertain costs. To ensure that you budget adequately, keep tabs of costs throughout and anticipate the necessary, additional ones on arrival at your new home.
  4. Prepare a moving day container. Ensure that one particular box or crate is set aside and contains the essentials that you will need on that momentous day. This should contain cleaning supplies, light bulbs, toilet paper, garbage bags, a change of clothes, your toiletry bag, towels, etc. Perhaps the most vital of these is all the keys to the new house (e.g. basement, garage, garbage room, gate, mailbox) and documents pertaining to the sale.

Lastly, a separate container or cooler box is perhaps not essential, but certainly advisable: you will have worked hard and be deserving of your favourite snacks and refreshing drinks as congratulatory compensation for all the efficient labour involved! This last suggestion will ensure that the first few hours in your new home feel comfortable, welcoming, and celebratory!

So, have this vital list handy, stick to its urgent reminders, trust the magic of new beginnings and, in the words of Mary Radmacher, carry this blessing with you to your new home:

“May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.”

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