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February – The Month of Love

February 12,2018 0 comments

There is nothing as daunting and challenging as building or buying your first property as a new couple. While major changes in living conditions are rated at no 25 on the Holmes and Rahe scale, the developers at Honeydew Country Estate strive to make it as stress free as possible, from managing the building process straight through to the transfer of your new home.

Some things, however, are up to the couple to ensure their relationship keep ticking positively. We have sourced some pointers:

  1. Shake up date night
    We have some of the most highly-rated restaurants in Paarl, Wellington and Franschhoek. And wine estates around every second corner. Make an effort to visit new places to enjoy each other’s company. Browse a food market, taste some wine, go for a hike or explore the many little shops in Main Road, Paarl. Pick something you have never done before or inject some new plans into the mix.
  2. Ask this question every day
    How was your day? Couples who discuss recent positive events with each other feel happier the next day. And should there be negative aspects of a day to be discussed, keep it to a time limit, otherwise it is easy to keep on complaining about the bad day. Each partner gets 30 minutes to vent about work frustrations and then it is finished. No more talking about work’s stressful situation.
  3. Laugh together
    Insider moments only the two of you appreciate is healthy for your bond (financial bond and emotional bond as divorce is expensive and you will lose your beautiful new house!). Reminisce about fun times experienced both alone and together. When people laugh at the same thing, they validate each other’s opinions. Bonding over these moments builds a reservoir of joyful memories that can serve as a buffer against tough times.
  4. Irritation and expressing yourself
    Feeling irritated with one another is almost always a sign that you’re healthfully engaged, not drifting apart. Relationships that are close and positive can also be very irritating. However, if you or your spouse resorts to name-calling or yelling, such behaviour may be a sign of a problem worth addressing.
  5. Choosing the right words
    Resolving a marital dispute may boil down to a single choice of words. Pairs who use plural pronouns – such as “we, us and our” – during an argument were more likely to express positive feelings and less mental stress afterward. Using “we language” during a disagreement may help couples align themselves on the team, as opposed to being adversaries.
  6. Celebrate successes
    The way you receive your partner’s exciting news about a success may be even more important than how you react during a crisis. A celebration provides the opportunity to boost your partner’s ego and reinforce your status as a team.
  7. Sweat with your spouse
    Working out with your partner ensures you both keep in great shape, work against any stress levels and ultimately, have fun together. Honeydew Country Estate is the perfect safe environment with 24 hours gated and manned security access where you can walk your dog or run together in a safe environment and never be too far from home, the air conditioner and some nice cool drinks.

Make Valentine’s Day, and every day, a special loving day with your partner. Tell them every day how much you love, respect, appreciate and cherish them, not just on 14 Feb.