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An apple a day

February 23,2018 0 comments

Our estate hosts a variety of homeowners, from singles to new families to mature families with children already in a selection of our best schools offered in the area.

However, all these tenants have one common thread and that is the packing of lunch boxes, either for work or for school. Pre-planning is vital to ensure no hassles first thing in the morning or snags in the afternoon when trying to set it all out. On a hot day, keep the lunch box in a thermal bag with a frozen beverage bottle or juice box inside next to the lunch box. And invest in a reusable ice pack.

Chopped fruits and vegetables are a higher food-safety risk than whole fruits and veggies, and shelf-stable condiments, such as peanut butter, won’t require refrigeration. Dried fruits and vegetables, as well as crackers and hard (not soft) cheeses, are healthy alternatives that don’t pose a real food-safety threat, regardless of temperature.

And pop an individually wrapped hand-sanitizer wet wipe on top of the lunch box. With water restrictions, we are washing our hands less or using a hand-sanitizer spray or gel. The latter two actually, especially when eating e.g. fruit with your fingers, might make the food taste bitter.

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