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The benefits of buying from a property developer

February 23,2018 0 comments

There are many advantages for potential home owners to consider purchasing a newly built home in a development directly from the developer.

Brand new home
Moving into a brand new home offers newer appliances and fixtures, latest designs and updated architectural elements. At Honeydew Country Estate buyers also have the opportunity to customize some of the look and feel of their new house. Many buyers love the hands-on involvement they can have in choosing how they want their home to be. And the building hassles are managed by the developer.

Cost-effective and energy-efficient
Newer homes are almost always more energy efficient than their older counterparts. Brand new windows, eco-friendly materials and up-to-date building structure practices contribute to a more energy-efficient home. The savings can add up each year.

Prices and building risks are often lower
The onus rests on the developer to use vetted contractors. Honeydew Country Estate is being developed by Wilcrest Construction, a family business with reliable contractors established for almost 20 years.

Lowered purchasing costs are achieved by means of the developer managing the property transfer legal process. And of course there is the savings on transfer duties. As an example, on a house price of R2m the transfer duties would be R60 500. The bond registration and transfer registration costs would be in the region of R30 000 each. So basically, the developer absorbs a cost of about R120 000 on behalf of the new home buyer.

Unique community
Honeydew Country Estate offers a unique community that caters to our home owners’ needs. Living on a security estate comes with numerous benefits, one of which is a secure lifestyle that still allows you to safely walk with your dogs and children and enjoy the country and our beautiful panoramic view to its fullest.