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Going Green – The Natural way to go

February 23,2018 0 comments

The catch phrase “going green” is most certainly not a fad, but a necessity for living and developing a property estate. This is, because at the rate we are going, our lifestyle on Mother Earth is just not sustainable. This means that over the years we will begin to run out of natural resources that are needed in order for us to survive. The current drought and water crises in the Western Cape is a very good example of such a dreadful situation.

Honeydew Country Estate has taken great care in managing the development process in due consideration for the environment and the conservation of the beautiful trees and habitat. Classical building design has taken into concerns of economy, utility, durability and comfort. With an ergonomic design, there is no wasted space. Everything is used to optimal efficiency. And the beautiful fruit and oak trees have been incorporated into the landscape design, resulting in a productive garden with fruit trees, shade and herbs.

You can go green in a variety of different ways, but it is important for builders and construction workers to do their part as well. Our homes have been designed in such a way to reduce overall impact on environment and human health by reducing trash and pollution. Building material is carefully calculated to reduce wastage. And the limited wastage is recycled. And no material is discarded via setting it alight. We have also efficiently been using grey water during our construction process.

Our houses were designed by architects to fully enjoy the panoramic views over Drakenstein Mountains and Paarl Rock, however, windows are restricted to a certain size to allow maximum light and views, yet will ergonomically constrict temperature changes. So in summer, less air conditioner energy will be used to cool down the house, and visa versa in winter. Insulation also plays a very important part in this climate control, and using premium cellulose roofing insulation that is recycled, organic and non-flammable is most certainly one of the best alternatives.

Geysers that are regulated and heated via solar panel energy as well as energy saving LED lights contribute to lower energy use and of course, the best advantage, lower electricity costs.

With new technologies constantly being developed to complement current practices in creating greener structures, the benefits of green building can range from environmental to economic to social. By adopting greener practices, Honeydew Country Estate takes maximum advantage of environmental and economic performance. We also encourage our home owners to recycle by providing recycling bags for plastic, paper and bottles. These are then collected with the normal thrash weekly, but discarded at recycling sorter plants.

True environmental benefits include reduce wastage of water, conserve natural resources, improve air and water quality and protect biodiversity and ecosystems. And ultimately, it is also about reducing operating costs. All the benefits that a good developer should incorporate in the development.

But the true benefit is to experience a green, healthy lifestyle. Even the smallest changes will help to promote a better planet earth, and a better place for us all to live.