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2018 Dates for getaways (or for staying at home sweet home)

February 27,2018 0 comments

It seems that our new home owners at Honeydew Country Estate most certainly love their new homes. But that doesn’t mean that a well deserved break or holiday shouldn’t be on the cards. Even if you just intend to stay at home!

So here is what you need to know to plan your 2018 getaways (or stay at home) now.  To make the most of our South African Public Holidays, you could plan with the next dates:

Easter:  Human Rights Day Wednesday, 21 March;  Good Friday 30 March;  Family Day Monday 2 April

Take off from 19 March – 29 March – eight days leave and you will have 17 days off in total!

Freedom Day and Workers’ Day:  Freedom Day Friday 27 April;  Workers Day Tuesday 1 May

Take off Monday 30 April and you get five days off!

Women’s Day:  Thursday, 9 August.

Take off Friday, 10 August and you have another four day long weekend.

Heritage Day:  Braai Day is on Monday 24 September. A lovely three day long weekend.

Day of Reconciliation:  Sunday, 16 December – so Monday, 17 December is also a holiday.

Christmas Holidays:  Christmas, Tuesday 25 December;  Day of Goodwill, Wednesday 26 December
Take eight days leave and you have 18 days of summer holidays.